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12 pm - 5 pm
Tuesday 9 am-7 pm
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Southtowns Hours

12 pm - 7 pm
9 am - 7 pm
Wednesday and Thursday
9 am- 7 pm
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Friday evenings in the Amherst location by appointment only.

For urgent appointments on other days, please contact us at 716-427-4884.

What is the popping or “cracking” sound I hear?


Sometimes quickly separating joint surfaces with a chiropractic adjustment can release gas within the capsule, resulting in the popping sound. Hearing an audible “pop” does not need to occur to [...]

What is the popping or “cracking” sound I hear?2020-12-03T19:34:41-05:00

Do adjustments hurt?


Chiropractic manipulations are a very controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort due to the use of minimal force and gentle pressure. Most times, patients feel immediate relief following a chiropractic [...]

Do adjustments hurt?2020-12-03T19:34:56-05:00

What is a chiropractic adjustment?


An adjustment is a natural and safe procedure that utilizes a controlled force in a specific direction to a spinal joint that is improperly moving or “stuck”.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?2020-12-03T19:34:25-05:00

Do you accept private health insurance?


At this time, we do not accept private insurance since we feel it restricts the services we are able to provide to you. However, we do accept insurance issued debit [...]

Do you accept private health insurance?2020-12-04T15:04:41-05:00

Is chiropractic care through pregnancy safe?


Yes! Dr. Jenna is Webster Certified which means she specializes in treating pregnant patients throughout their entire pregnancy. Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment to ensure proper [...]

Is chiropractic care through pregnancy safe?2020-12-03T19:35:24-05:00

If I start seeing a chiropractor, do I have to see them regularly for the rest of my life? Is chiropractic treatment addictive?


No, we will never force you into seeing us. Most regular chiropractic patients seek a chiropractor often in order to manage chronic muscle and joint conditions. Other patients use long-term [...]

If I start seeing a chiropractor, do I have to see them regularly for the rest of my life? Is chiropractic treatment addictive?2020-12-04T15:04:28-05:00

Our Mission

Our mission at Align 716 Chiropractic is to provide exceptional healthcare and implement precise techniques for a healthier lifestyle, through the integrated approach of Chiropractic Care and Nutritional guidance. We provide effective, evidence-based interventions that are individualized for each patient in order to effectively restore and sustain your optimal level of health.

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